Swift vs Ritz

The new swift, is more aerodynamic and is much lighter than the previous versions of the car ensures that it provides much better performance which includes the in gear acceleration of the car. Thus the overall performance of the car is much better. The seating in the Swift is lower, thus providing you with a better posture leading to the driver feeling very comfortable while driving the car around. In the Ritz, the seating is higher which means it aids the driver in the field of egress and ingress. This is also ensuring that the person driving the car gets a clear view of the road ahead.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Left Front Three Quarter

The Swift can be handled in a much better manner, making it one of the most preferred car for driving on the highway. But then that doesn’t make the Ritz a bad car for driving on the highway.  But then since the Ritz is taller in height than the Swift, thus it cannot compete with the comfort that Swift provides on the highway driving experience. The Ritz has better and spacious headroom thus giving you a feel of luxury but then none of the cars can be called very spacious in the strict sense of being spacious.

The Swift comes with a larger boot space as compared with the Ritz. As a matter of fact, Ritz has the smallest boot space in this segment of automobiles. In this case the Swift again comes across as superior to the Ritz. The Ritz takes a lead when it comes to the ABS option in the VDI trim. This is an optional feature that a buyer can get if he or she desires. Such an option is missing in the case of the Swift, though. The feel of the gear is quite similar in the both the vehicles, but then there is a tiny gear rod provided in the Ritz, that provides a sporty feel to the car while one is driving the same.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Automatic

The DDIS feature that was available in both the older versions of the Swift and the Ritz came across as violent but the newer versions of both the cars have received a face lift in the DDIS segment and this feels relatively tamed. This has been done to increase the fuel efficiency of both the automobiles and it has been able to achieve that too. If one broadly speaks then the engines in both the cars provide similar performance. One thing that is nagging though with both the cars is that there is a turbo lag of 2000 RPM with both that can be annoying at times while driving them in the city traffic. All in all, it is very difficult to point at a clear winner while comparing them to each other because both has something that the other doesn’t have. Both these cars are a pleasure to drive and have a niche market for themselves and are loved by people who are looking for a mid segment car that would provide you with value for money.

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