Scooters can now enter the Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya contest

Maruti Suzuki is recognized for its amazing hatchbacks that have satisfied millions of Indians. The company has now catered to the adventure craze demographic by organizing the Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya challenge. This event is now into its 15th year, and is scheduled for October 4th to 12th. The starting point of the event is Shimla, and Leh is the final destination, this is a highly strenuous and competitive event, where participants will maneuver on harsh terrains. This is a thrilling event for car enthusiasts, who can witness all kinds of vehicles like potent cars, motorcycles and SUV’s. For some interesting news scooters will mark its first entry into this tournament.

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The scooter segment will consist of 6 new vehicles in the Xtreme segment; some of the products that will thrill the crowd are models with supreme mileages in the 110-125cc range. The scooters will run at speeds in accordance with the rules of the game according to organizers.

On the news of scooters making its debut entry into the tournament, the Vice President in Marketing department of the company, Mr. Manohar Bhat replied, ‘’ there is a robust demand for scooters to feature in competitive adventurous events like Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya. We have incorporated scooters into our challenge to meet public demands. ‘’

Scooter enthusiasts who now have this incredible opportunity to participate in Raid De Himalaya challenge should thank Dinesh Shetty. He is the main person to request for scooter challenges, and is the chairman of Mumbai’s Twin City Motorsport Club. Dinesh is the team lead of the various competitions featuring scooters. Dinesh is of the view that, this is a tough challenge for scooter participants due to the overall structure of scooter where the chassis and machine parts are on a lower level.

He also said, ‘’this is a cutthroat event which requires enormous skill and expertise. Participants will have to cruise through narrow roads and corners, this is the prime reason for Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya to acquire supreme status on Indian and global soil.’’

Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya will certainly be a thrilling event for car and scooter enthusiasts. This is an excellent platform to showcase India’s supreme talent in motorsport arena. It takes splendid courage and energy to participate in such events, those who have chosen to participate should be congratulated for taking a bold step to conquer mountain tops in the field of motorcycling.

Shimla and Leh are magnificent tourist destinations for Indians and foreigners. Both cities are majestic filled with awe-inspiring scenery and snow capped mountains. Apart from experiencing the once in a lifetime feel of travelling through mountains and narrow crevices, participants can have an amazing vacation. There cannot be a better way to relax after a tedious event; the lush greenery is an excellent medium to calm the mind and soul.

Scooter fans can now rejoice, and those interested to partake in Maruti Suzuki Raid De Himalaya, it is worth the time and effort. Such tasks grill self-confidence and motivation in individuals, if something as grilling as competing in narrow and rugged lanes can be executed, then it is definitely a breathtakingly easy task to cruise to the top most level at work.

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