New Wagon R 2014 to be launched in India

India’s leading automaker Maruti Suzuki has decided to revamp its existing seven seater Wagon R passenger car, to compete against Datson Go+ which will be introduced in India towards middle of 2014. A sneak peek of this remodeled car has been given by Suzuki in Indonesian Motor Show held this year. The displayed model shows that changes have been made to the car’s outer body so its rear side appears wider increasing its length to around four meters. Previous customers of Wagon-R had complaints about its cramped space in the third row therefore Maruti Suzuki has also made the rear overhang larger providing more room to passengers in this area. The only car available in this niche category presently in India is the Mahindra Quanto which is quite popular which will get competition from WagonR and Datson Go+ in 2014.

2013 Maruti WagonR Facelift Hatchback

The new Wagon R to be launched in 2014 will pack a powerful output of 55-65 PS and will be more fuel efficient than its older version. Market watchers suspect that this new Wagon R will be sold within a price range of 4.5 – 5 lakhs targeted towards India’s middle class. Considered the market leader in producing hatchbacks Maruti Suzuki’s stable has maximum number of cars in this category. This Wagon R’s engine is expected to have a three cylinder unit in the petrol version. The new improved version is expected to sell more numbers than existing figures of 10,000 units per month. Official reports state that its new Wagon R to be launched in 2014 will give an impressive mileage of 20 kilometers on city roads which will be much appreciated by customers. In a recent press statement Maruti Suzuki’s chairman has stated that though the car will retain its older 1.3 liter engine, its engineers are working towards developing a 1000 cc engine which on completion will be implemented in all its new cars. The deep-set and slim build of Maruti Suzuki WagonR Stingray’s gives it an eye-catching appearance.

This improvised Maruti Suzuki Wagon R is expected to meet needs of mid sized families both for outings and an office car. The firm has tentatively named the car as New Maruti WagonR Stingray to target a larger clientele.  The Maruti Suzuki Stingray will have alloy wheels with a more stylish front comprising sleek tail lamps, new chrome stripe and improved lens units. This car will be available in exterior colors of existing midnight blue, shiny grey, sparkling white, red and silver. The Wagon R Stingray will be launched simultaneously in India and other Asian markets as a low cost Multi Utility Vehicle which smart exteriors and roomy interiors.

Maruti Suzuki has selected a good time to launch its Wagon R car in a petrol version since fuel costs are raising rapidly. The Stingray will have a diesel variant sometime next year along with CNG and LNG variants. Though there is a Japanese version of Stingray the Indian one is expected to bring in.

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