Maruti Suzuki employees demand release of jailed workers

There have been numerous reports on the land turmoil in Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar factory, over the matter of the government to have allocated land to the company in the Special Investment Region (SIR) region in Manesar. The main reason for farmers protest was they did not want their land to fall under that industrial sector but rather agricultural region.

Maruti Stingray in India

These events have to lead to protests, jailed employees and past workers of Manesar factory have arranged for public trial situated in Jantar Mantar. The employees spoke about the series of events, in front of advocates and jury members. Maruti Suzuki is on its fight for the release of 147jailed workers, the situation has gotten only worse, and there are allegations that the jailed employees are supposed to have murdered somebody, during the massive protests which has churned into undesirable violence last year.

Some politicians have expressed their concern towards jailed employees, and also past workers and families. A few of the politicians who expressed their humble sympathy are Nageshwar Rao N who is the leader of TDP, Gurudas Dasgupta the leader of CPI, Brinda Karat and Sitaram Yechury who are CPI leaders.

According to a statement by the jury, there is no clear evidence on the charges of 147 employees for the murder of a person, the situation is adverse for past workers who have been in jail for over a year, and the main reason for arrest is violating human rights.

The jury further stated that people who sympathized with employees have received a rather harsh treatment by the police many times. There has been no support or help in this unfavorable situation, with no medical help what so over. The worker were keen to build their own union, and some of the other demands, were to seek top notch judiciary help to dissect further details of the situation, and they have formed a trade unit to not involve the police in this matter.

The entire situation in Manesar factory has led to a chain of undesirable events, the main reason is land issue which has caused heavy protests and also unwanted murder charges on Maruti Suzuki employees. The protests and violence were enormous that employees of Maruti Suzuki sought judicial help and did not want to take matters to the police. Such matters are not a positive sign on production and expansion growths, the judiciary or Government has to terminate the mess at the factory and settle matters quickly.

The whole situation has been rather unfair on past workers and jailed employees, the reputation of the company in Manesar unit will be lowered to a significant level with this spate of unwanted protests and violence. Such incidences are also not required especially now when the market conditions in India are unfavorable with depreciating Indian rupee which is its all time low.

There are positives as well, Maruti Suzuki has a range of interesting new and upgrade launches, the WagonR Stingray is one of the most awaited launches and this is a sportier version of WagonR. There is the upgraded Alto 800 and brand new Stingray model.

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