Spy model of Maruti Suzuki Wagon R spotted in Indonesia

The spy image of trendy WagonR has been spotted in Indonesia, as the G II concept of Wagon R. An interesting aspect about the G II concept is it is considered to be a reasonable green car model. The program initiated by Indonesian government is called the Low Cost Green Car program (LCGC), the main objective of this program is to minimize congestion and pollution levels in cities and encourage localization.

Maruti Wagon R caught Indonesia

Most car manufacturers are waiting for clear policies of LCGC program; Suzuki has started clinical trials of the exclusively stylish Wagon R for the Indonesian market. A range of test vehicles was captured by ardent car fans. Maruti Suzuki is satisfied with the process of introducing environmental friendly cars and is keen to move ahead with its plan once the policies on low pollution cars are finalized by the government of Indonesia.

For a vehicle to fit into the policies of LCGC minimized tax, it is imperative to follow certain regulations where the car has have a compact structure for which the highest dimension figures are not revealed and there is a need to maintain engine dimensions to a smaller size which releases impressive mileages of 20 kilometers per liter for local productions. The Wagon R would fit the criteria of Indonesian government impressively since the engine adopted in this car is a miniature 1 liter petrol mill.

The initiative of Maruti Suzuki to introduce the GII concept of Wagon R with the aim to built cars with Low Cost Green Car Concept is a good move to promote cleaner vehicles for overseas markets. The Wagon R fulfills the regulatory criteria of the government of Indonesia to fit a small mill with admirable mileage figures of 20 Kmpl. The WagonR GII concept can hence create an overwhelming impact on Indonesian soil.

Most companies are working towards the theme of clean and green technologies, reputed firms such as Mahindra, Nissan and Tata Motors are working on electric models to reduce pollution to considerable levels. The Low Cost Green Car Program is interesting initiative to decrease pollution levels. This concept will be a boon in India with the pollution levels increasing every year at alarming rates. Some firms are working on bio fuel technologies as well which if introduced in the near future will result in cleaner environments that could reduce the risk of hazardous infections as well.

Wagon R is an extremely popular model in India, appreciated for its artistically carved exteriors and spacious interiors. This is among the best selling models in India, even during the present unfavorable car economy period. The company has recently released a sportier version of WagonR called WagonR Stingray. The car is released at a price of Rs 3.7 lakhs which is the sole reason for the car to sell in dozens. The mileage offered is excellent at 18.9 Kmpl; the car is fitted with a powerful K 10 series engine.

The noteworthy features of WagonR are an excellent product to incorporate the theory of Low Cost Green Car Program in the Indonesian market which could be highly beneficial in India also.

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