Maruti Suzuki launches Face lift version of Eeco Smiles

India’s esteemed car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has introduced a face life version of its trendy model Eeco with an interesting name to amuse the public called Smiles. Moreover the company will garnish the face life Eeco model with seven refreshed features for Indian consumers.

Maruti EECO Smiles Limited Edition

Ardent car fans have announced that Eeco Smiles will retain a majority of exterior frame with just few cosmetic modifications. Some of the exciting and interesting modifications are refreshed covers for wheels, with stylish mud covers and for an enhanced style quotient there will be stickers of Smile model on either side of exteriors and rear. The interiors will be implanted with thrilling features to enthuse the modern demographic with classy theme of two shaded seat upholstery, new doormats with artistic designs, high tech music system.

In terms of performance the Eeco is at par with the current model, with a dynamic 1.2 liter petrol power train that releases impressive energy values of 101Nm highest torque and 74 bhp highest power mated to five speed type of gearbox. Maruti Suzuki aims to release Eeco Smiles in CNG variant as well.  The car is built with five seats with a price of Rs 3.4-3.6 lakhs.

The Eeco is sculpted with an exclusively styled van image; the company had launched the limited version to spice up the iconic image of Eeco called Eeco Smile. The new stylish insertions have increased the price of the model by Rs 9490 than the earlier model. The car is designed impressively with a robust style quotient as well as abundantly spacious interiors. Maruti Suzuki has created the Eeco with simple yet elegant design. The five-speed transmission of manual mode can cruise through various speeds smoothly. The Compressed natural gas (CNG) version is carved with the advanced technologies incorporating bio fuels that can operate on CNG and petrol. The CNG variant releases efficient energies of 84Nm peak torque and 63bhp of highest power. The heightened safety and mileage is contributed by the ground breaking Intelligent Gas Port Injection technology.

The Eeco is a dynamic model of Maruti Suzuki with an attractive exterior frame and luxurious interiors. The interior volume makes this an ideal family car. The technology employed in the creation of this model is remarkable with the latest CNG variant with bio fuel technology that is undergoing extensive research and development. The company has released the car at consumer centric prices to cater to every segment of Indian society. The lush interior fitments will greatly appeal to the modern Indian demographic who would enjoy listening to quality music with splendid base acoustics during a tiring long drive to work. The bio fuel technology is brought about to minimize pollution as well.

The Smile labels on the sides and rear is an excellent accessory to elevate the style image of the face lift version of Eeco Smile. The car would offer a new experience of a minivan which also showcases Maruti Suzuki’s innovative and creative engineering team to match up to the likings of the Indian demographic.

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