Maruti Suzuki introduces the Young Driver Contest for 2013

India’s esteemed and biggest car manufacturer is pretty dominant with respect to engage in healthy and secure driving practices with the launch of its 5th segment of the popular Young Driver Contest for 2013 to source the most promising driver among Indians. This contest is highly beneficial with a view to inculcate safe driving procedures among the young population. There is an increase in rash driving, and most people in India are not familiar with the important of secure driving to protect the lives of themselves and others. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity, the lucky winner can’t hope for a better award than to walk away with the trendy latest version of Alto 800 besides being awarded the most promising driver by Maruti Suzuki.

maruti suzuki young driver 2013

On this prestigious event, company officials have stated that the company has strongly emphasized on secure driving practices. The main aim would be for youngster’s to deliver their professional driving skills within the required safety norms. The main goal of the company is to introduce secure driving aided by resourceful communication events such as Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTRs) and other flourishing Maruti schools. These tests are conducted in 44 centers. The knowledge imparted by Maruti Suzuki schools is highly beneficial for lifelong safety procedures and will cater to the understanding of the importance of secure driving regimes. These schools span in more than 150 areas and there are 280 institutions.

This program has received significant acclaim which is authorized through Government and Regional Traffic regulations. Ardent Maruti fans are satisfied with the turnover of this competition, and are sure of bigger fireworks this year and in the near future. The most thrilling part is a celebrity will be present in each event. The lucky winner will be vested with the opportunity to manage events for the next year.
Those who are interested in the event can register through youngdriver which will be held in four segments. This contest will run till the 28th of June this year, there will also be a skills exam held spanned across 44 segments which will commence on the 4th of July this year. The Grand Finale will witness the participation of 20 participants in Delhi, and will be examined in 20 areas such as theory knowledge and vehicle safety. The lucky winner will be labeled with the Young Driver award for 2013 for Autocar, and the most exhilarating part is the winner will receive the latest edition of Alto 800.

Organizing the Young Driver Contest is an excellent move by Maruti Suzuki where the public will gather the importance of secure driving which is imperative in the long run. In India most people are extremely excited to own cars which have culminated into an increase in reckless driving which could claim lives. This event might transform India into a nation who is familiar with the nuances of secure driving, and will hopefully match up to international standards in this area. Events as credible as the Young Driver Contest showcase the company’s essence in engaging in critically beneficial activities besides catering to consumer satisfaction.

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