Indian manufactured Ertiga will be introduced in Indonesia in the form of Mazda VX1 Multi Purpose Vehicle

The Ertiga manufactured by Maruti Suzuki has gained significant acclaim in India. The company now aims to introduce the car in the guise of Mazda VX1 Multi Purpose Vehicle in the Indonesian market who has a great fascination for MPV’s. The interesting part is the Mazda VX1 model will attain a modified MPV styling and re-structure. The Mazda VX1 will be rolled out in Indonesia in completely knocked down unit (CKD) make.

Mazda VX-1

The Mazda VX1 car will be inserted with a powerful K series petrol power mill of 1.4 liter capacity for the Indonesian market. This dominant engine is a petrol make in the aspirated form with a 4 cylinder frame. The energy released is pretty impressive at 94 Bhp with a peak torque of 130NM. The engine is rolled out in two gearbox versions such as 5 and 4-speed automatic and manual variants gearboxes respectively. The morphology of the two models are almost similar, the only variation would be their name.

Maruti Suzuki is always in the process of renaming their cars; this practice has been carried out for a long time. Some of the attention-grabbing examples are the A-Star is exported to Europe and many other overseas markets in the form of Suzuki Alto. The car is referred to with other badges as well, in many global markets the car is referred to as Nissan Pixo and Suzuki Celerio. The SX4 hatch is unveiled as Sedici make of Fiat in many European segments. The company will export the Ertiga in Indonesia in the petrol model; the company is keen to make use of petrol models in the Indonesian market to the fullest since majority of Ertiga cars in the domestic segment are introduced diesel makes.

The initiative of Maruti Suzuki to introduce the Ertiga in the form of Mazda VX1 MPV is a profitable move to enhance export sales and expand its MPV portfolio in the international markets. The company has studied the culture of Indonesia in great depth and realized that their culture would be almost similar to India, where there is a significant mingling of large families, and also prominent friend circles.
Maruti Suzuki has released their car makes with different names in various international segments. This trend is interesting to experience the drive experience in rebadged versions.

In India the Ertiga has contributed heaps of profits to the company since its launch last April. In terms of an ideal family centric car, the new Ertiga is a sure shot winner with its super comfy interiors that makes family vacation journeys pleasurable. Even during this rough period in car economy in India, the Ertiga has contributed admirable profits. This car is extremely popular on India roads and not tough to spot.
Since Indonesians have an identical family bonding culture as Indians, the Ertiga VX1 MPV will surely benefit the company to a great deal. It would be interesting to observe the popularity of the VX-1 model of Ertiga in the Indonesian market in the form of Completely Built Units (CBU).

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