Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Special Edition Likely to launch on First Anniversary

The Ertiga has been one of the highest profit makers for Maruti Suzuki, and the interesting part is it is the company’s first Multi Purpose Vehicle to be launched. The car will celebrate its first birthday on the 12th of April, and has made a remarkable sale output of 70,000 units. To commemorate the incredible milestone, the company will introduce a special edition variant of the car. Although information about the special edition has been splashed on GoaOnWheels website, the company has not revealed information on the special edition.

maruti ertiga

The car also referred to as Maruti Ertiga anniversary edition will be garnished with new and exciting features of front grille with chrome finish, GPS touchscreen and Bluetooth, anniversary badging and premium leather seat covers. This is also one of the strategies of Maruti Suzuki to introduce new models similar to the existing one to combat the down sliding market.

The company is also likely to launch the a CNG model of Ertiga, another thrilling launch is the Swift Star limited edition to celebrate the amazing profit outcome contributed by the Swift. The Swift has been a best seller not only in India, but in 125 countries with more than 30 lakh units being rolled out that lead to 45% of company’s total shares.

Let us view the features of the Ertiga to evaluate the amazing qualities of its sibling the Ertiga Special Edition. The Ertiga is a classy car with seven seats and is branded the first Life Utility Vehicle. The car is equipped with a powerful 1.4 litre K-series petrol power train. The car has an interesting meaning to its name, Ertiga is derived from the word Tiga meaning three in Indonesian language and R3 indicates three rows. In general when translated, Ertiga means ‘’Swift with Three Rows.’’

The exterior is designed with seven seats; the car has a fascinating lengthy design to spice up the image of a perfect utility vehicle. This car is ideal for large families to foray on a splendid family vacation. Since nuclear families are a common trend in India, it is no wonder that the car has generated remarkable sales of over 30 lakh units. The exterior is adopted from the Ritz hatchback with respect to the front bumper with a neatly carved grille. The chin is totally different from the Ritz which is bulkier and wider. The MPV look is highlighted with a large air inlet along with huge headlights tilted side wards. The dimension in terms of length can be compared to the Xylo and Innova. The car has a long wheelbase, and effective heating and cooling facilities.

The Special Edition Ertiga would be an interesting car built with equally classy features as the Ertiga. The Special edition will be launched on the 1 year anniversary of the Ertiga and it would be interesting to experience the drive quality of the special edition. For those interested, this is an opportunity which should not be missed.

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